Private Varnish, 139 (Dec 2013) Convention

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      Warren R. Henry, Evelyn A. Henry, NYC No. 38, Prairie View, Wenonah, Wisconsin, St. Croix Valley, Super Dome, Silver Solarium, Silver Lariat, Plaza Santa Fe, Royal Gorge, Silver Rapids, Dover Harbor, NYC #3, Tioga Pass, Pacific Sands.


      Chef's Table  by Lawrence Biemiller.
      Chefs Hans Plugge and Fran Phillips served an 8-course dinner for 14 from the galley of the Dover Harbor. Starting with a beautifully crafted menu, each course was skillfully prepared and artfully presented. Exotic photography and a well-written article will make any foodie drool!

      Napa Valley Limited  by Bob McLean.
      Part 1 of the 2013 AAPRCO convention train story takes readers from Seattle, Washington to Bend, Oregon. Stunning photography from aboard the trip combines with great shots taken from track side to give readers a faithful recreation of the first two days.
      Route map is included.

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