In the last 26 years, Andover Junction Publications has become recognized as a leader in hobby publishing. Our publications showcase some of man's most fascinating inventions, with exquisite photography and the most knowledgeable writers in the field.

In defining excellence and quality, AJP commits to each client with responsiveness, reliability, resourcefulness, and results. Nobody knows more about the importance of quality paper, restoring old photographs, or the difference between a GP7 and a GP9 than Andover Junction.

We have a loyal customer base and our growing group of active dealers confirms this. Stay on track with Andover Junction and we'll help get you where you want to go.


If you're like us, then the first thing you notice when you pick up a book or magazine is the photography. That's why we take such care in making sure that only the best images are selected. Our in-house reproduction and restoration services are second to none. All of this means that only the very best photography appears in our products.

Design and Electronic Imaging

The field of electronic imaging is ever changing and at AJP we're on top of it. We've invested in some of the best equipment and software in this field including:

  • The Nikon Cool Scan 8000 scanner for slides and negatives
  • Microtek flat bed scanners for average and oversized prints, artwork, and negatives
  • Legacy Apple Operating system and hardware, including Zip and SyQuest drives
  • Power Mac G5 dual processor high speed computers
  • Raid archive and backup systems
  • GCC & HP printers for high speed proofs in color or black and white
  • LaCie Electron color-calibrated monitors for superior color rendering

Graphic Art

Many of the maps, line art, blueprints, and illustrations that appear in our publications start here at the drafting table. Our experienced artists start with original work and through a careful process of tracing and computer scanning reproduce them accurately and attractivly in our magazines and books.

Shipping & Handling

We have dealers from coast to coast and when it comes time to ship the newest magazine it's a very big job. If you have a chance to talk with one of our dealers, they'll tell you that they're very pleased with our service. That's because AJP's warehousing facilities, full-time sales and shipping department, and the best shipping software in conjunction with USPS, means that we have the quickest turn around of orders in the hobby industry and some of the cheapest shipping rates.

Sales and Marketing

AJP has always had a sales office that's open every business day. Whether it's generating new business, supporting an existing customer, helping a dealer with product placement, or giving input on magazine covers to insure they'll do well on the newsstand, we handle it.