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July 22, 2015

From our banker comes the news that checks not drawn on USA accounts will be assessed a $25 fee. Though we doubt the validity of their claim that the Federal Reserve Bank charges them $25 for each check presented, there is no doubt in my mind that they will charge us.

So starting today Andover will not accept any checks not drawn on USA accounts. Canadian subscribers can use credit cards to purchase subscriptions. Call (815) 538-3060 (10 am-7 pm Chicago time) and we'll process your order over the phone.

December 18, 2014

We can’t help but notice how many fellas dilly-dally when it comes time to renew their RTR subscription. For the last ten years we have opened the mail, entered the TARDY subscription, gritted our teeth, and sent out the current magazine via first class mail. These days, it just costs too much.

The 80 page magazines are too heavy to send out via first class mail at the discounted subscription price. So, subscriptions will start with the next issue mailed from the printer. If you miss an issue or two and then renew, your make-up copies will be sold as Back Issues at $22 each postpaid.

Time to renew your subscription? Call us and get it done BEFORE RTR V9 Nos. 3&4 GOES TO THE PRINTER! After the magazine ships to the printer your window of opportunity closes.

If you don't know when your expiration date is--ask us and we'll look it up. So drop a dime, call (815) 538-3060 (10am-7pm Chicago time) and get your subscription renewed! You can use your Visa or MasterCard.

Increased International Shipping Rates
April 15, 2013

Due to recent postage increases, we have been forced to increase the cost of shipping magazines out-of-country. Please note price increases for Remember the Rock international subscriptions. Please contact us directly for all other international orders. It is regretful, that we've been forced to do this, but necessary to cover those costs. -- Customer Support

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Private Varnish, CG28 - 2017 Private Car Charter Guide
The American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO) is a non-profit group of car owners, potential owners, as well as persons and organizations interested in the operation of private railroad passenger cars. Many Association members make their cars available for charter to share the enjoyment of their use and to assist in the cost of upgrading and maintaining them. The Private Car Charter Guide, is your entree into the luxurious and secluded world of private railroad car travel. This annual Guide is the fourth issue of our Private Varnish magazine.

Private car travel is ideal for family adventures, reunions, honeymoons, celebrations, conventions, and special travel needs such as handicaps or strict privacy. As business entertainment, it will never be forgotten; they won’t walk out on your presentation aboard a moving train! Order your copy and start your adventure.

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Private Varnish, Volume 36 #3 - 148 (Nov 2016)

PV News and Photos

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Travel Planner: Check out

Out and About: Pacific Sunset, Oliver Hazard Perry, Cedar Rapids, Colonial Crafts, Chapel Hill. A two-page photo essay about the Webb Retirement Special. The seven-car consist included Pennsylvania 120, Warrior Ridge, Alexander Hamilton, NYC 43, Mount Vernon, Pacific Home and Babbling Brook. Galveston Railroad Days included two well-known cars owned by AAPRCO member Patrick Henry: Evelyn A. Henry and the Warren R. Henry


Inside the Great Northern Domes by Steve Esposito. A letter from John Parr instigates some research by Editor Steve with some surprising results. Photos from the 1988 Amtrak dome car auction complement period in-service photos. Story.

It's a Federal Holiday by Janet Dittmer. Janet's day-by-day diary illustrated with stunning photography by Dave Luca and other PV photographers highlights just how great a vacation aboard a private car can be. Janet and Dave tailored the trip around their guests' favorite destinations and scenery. Twelve pages of America you can only see by rail!

ORIGINAL VARNISH: Where Are They Now? by Scott Clauss and Rudy Morgenfruh. The NYC's Stream-series cars were survivors in the truest sense of the word. Join the authors as they chronicle the history of each car from service on the Central to current-day assignments.

Our Very Own Shining Star by Fred Stout. The author dreamed of the day he would own his own private car and after a fifteen-year odyssey, the finished result is indeed a shining star. Lots of in-process photos of the Silver Star's restoration and modifications.


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