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Private Varnish, Volume 34 #2 - 141
Cake, Candles and Clear Signals by Paul Newtson tells of a four-day outing with family and friends, his birthday celebration, and National Train Day participation were just some of the highlights of this Florida expedition. Join author Paul Newtson as they travel in style aboard the Georgia 300 and the Hollywood Beach from Jacksonville to Miami Beach via Tampa.

Family Adventure by Stan Garner. The Lower Animas River canyon was the breathtaking setting for a PV trip on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge. Climb aboard the Silverton's private car B-3, the Nomad for a trip from Durango to Silverton and return on the route of the historic Silver San Juan. Interior and exterior photos of the Nomad and the Alamosa.

Dining Car Flatware Usage by Rudy Morgenfruh. Notable Pullman-car aficionado and historian Rudy Morgenfruh details the use of flatware aboard Pullman cars in the golden era of railroad travel. Lots of silverware photos with appropriate Pullman Company forms are featured in this article along with two sidebars. Sidebar 1: The Great Treasure Trove by Rudy Morgenfruh. You will delight in Rudy's tale of an adventure with Peter Tilp that netted them more Pullman inventory than they could carry. Sidebar 2: Doomed Diners, From china to plastic trays: a love-hate relationship by Karl Zimmerman. The transition from all freshly cooked meals, restaurant style, to airline-style cardboard is outlined in this wonderful article that originally appeared in November 1981.

AAPRCO Goes to Gulfport for the Midterm Meeting by R. J. Barton. A Mississippi trip to the Gulf of Mexico was the setting for the 2014 Midterm Meeting last May. Originating in New Orleans, with a stop in Meridian, the Mississippian Gulfport Limited plied the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad, a rare-mileage fan's meca. Plenty of photos!

Book Report by Steve Esposito. "Railroaders, Jack Delano's Homefront Photography" This catalog of an ongoing exhibit at the Chicago History Museum is a handsome book in its own right. Published by the Center for Railroad Photography & Art, this is a worthwhile addition to your library.

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Remember the Rock, Attention- 2nd Half of a Double Issue
If your subscription ends with the 40th page of a double issue, this $10 will pay for the second 40 pages and bring your subscription up-to-date. Subscriptions to RTR no longer consist of four 40-page single issues. Starting with Volume 8, Nos. 3 & 4, we now publish RTR twice a year in two info-packed 80-page magazines.

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April 15, 2013

Due to recent postage increases, we have been forced to increase the cost of shipping magazines out-of-country. Please note price increases for Remember the Rock international subscriptions. Please contact us directly for all other international orders. It is regretful, that we've been forced to do this, but necessary to cover those costs. -- Customer Support

From the Publisher
December 2013

Hi Gang!

RTR Vol. 8 Nos. 3 & 4 our first 80-page, double issue should be in your mailbox or at your hobby dealer. You Rock hounds are probably wondering how RTR can get any better. Well, like your favorite cheeseburger, 80 pages is the magazine equivalent of two all-beef patties and a second slice of cheese. If you consider that RTR has no advertising, 80 pages is the real meal deal!

Playing Poker with Pullman - Part 2, by Bill Pollard
Starting in 1958, Rock Island Lines did the unthinkable, severing a long-standing relationship with the Pullman Company by taking over operation of most sleep car routes. Noted Rock Island RR historian Bill Pollard traces the cause of the Rock Island and the Pullman Company's fractured relationship. Part 2 includes tables of sleeping car lines operated by the Rock Island and Pullman after Nov. 1, 1958 and a sidebar about the virtues of Waukesha or Electro-Mechanical generation. Lots of period advertising.

Rockin' Through Morris by Mark Llanuza
A Saturday outing in 1978 nets Llanuza and Smedley multiple 35mm rolls of E units as they charge from Blue Island to Bureau Junction, Illinois. Who'da thought that 30-plus years later, one of the photos would morph into a painting by Mark Robinson? This photo essay is chock full of action shots out on the high iron, not to mention some good stories, and a great painting!

Classic Rock by Richard Wilhelm
The author finds himself at the scene of an accident at Peoria roundhouse. Never before seen photos along with a discussion of the event and cab signaling on the Illinois Division. Interior E-unit cab view shows all controls and in-cab signals.

Classic Rock
Rocky Pacifico, RTR's intrepid detective, enlists the aid of our readers! The mystery of the man in the cab is solved just in time for a painting to be identified.

Classic Rock
At Rush Springs, Oklahoma. Dean Schirf remembers trainloads of Black Diamonds rolling by his boyhood home of Chickasha. Not to be confused with coal, these were carloads of watermelons! Photography circa 1946

Rock Island Modeler: Ready to Run Review of Accurail: 50-ton AAR hopper car by Bob Massey
Bob takes a look at a nice model for a great price. Model photography and a prototype photo and diagram sheet illustrate the article. Bob included a sidebar on easy weathering with brushed-on acrylics.

Steam Power at El Reno, circa 1946 by Tony Bishop
After an envelope full of vintage photos from the Stan Hall collection arrives at AJP's office, Tony Bishop filled in the details based on his remembrances of steam power after the war. We ran these super sharp photos big so that our readers could enjoy the details. Lots of info in the captions for steam and diesel fans alike.

Kitbashing Kansas Clyde! by Richard R. Gill
Dick Gill takes a humorous look at the bane of all modelers: the project that didn't turn out. It's happened to me...really!

Washington, Iowa, by Steve Esposito
One hundred years of railroad activity sees Washington served by the Rock Island, Milwaukee Road, and the CB&Q. Vintage photography from Charles Franzen and Andrew Brown. Map, circa 1926, shows all pertinent trackage and streets including the ex-narrow gauge Q line. Lots of historical facts and figures, now it's up to our readers to model it!

Pranks in Pratt by Ramon Villarreal
The author details his days working on the Bull Gang at the Pratt, Kansas, and roundhouse with tales of the pranks pulled on him and others during days and nights on the job. Lots of fun. Photography from the late 20s of Pratt Depot and roundhouse.

Rock Island Modeler: Paint and Weather Katos' SD40-2 by Ross Dando
Ross gives a detailed description of his modeling techniques for painting and weathering the Rock's porch units. This comprehensive how-to includes model photography by Forrest Grigg.

Hope everybody is enjoying the temperate fall weather before Old Man Winter drives us all indoors. The grass is still green and the leaves are dropping under protest. Heard it snowed at Crater Lake in September though!

Steve Esposito, Publisher

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