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December 18, 2014

We can’t help but notice how many fellas dilly-dally when it comes time to renew their RTR subscription. For the last ten years we have opened the mail, entered the subscription, gritted our teeth, and sent out the current magazine via first class mail. These days, it just costs too much.

The 80 page magazines are too heavy to send out first class mail at the discounted subscription price. So, subscriptions will start with the next issue mailed from the printer. If you miss an issue or two and then renew, your make-up copies will be sold as Back Issues at $22 each postpaid.

Time to renew your subscription? Call us and get it done BEFORE RTR V9 Nos. 3&4 GOES TO THE PRINTER! After the magazine ships to the printer your window of opportunity closes.

If you don't know when your expiration date is--ask us and we'll look it up. So drop a dime, call (815) 538-3060 (10am-7pm Chicago time) and get your subscription renewed! You can use your Visa or MasterCard

Increased International Shipping Rates
April 15, 2013

Due to recent postage increases, we have been forced to increase the cost of shipping magazines out-of-country. Please note price increases for Remember the Rock international subscriptions. Please contact us directly for all other international orders. It is regretful, that we've been forced to do this, but necessary to cover those costs. -- Customer Support

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Remember the Rock, Volume 9, Nos 3-4 dble issue
From Chicago to Mount Clare and Return by Bill Pollard. Bill traces the life and times of the Rock Island's three B&O heavyweight coaches. He follows them all the way from Mt. Clare Shops in Baltimore back to the Windy City and then some. Lots of photos, RI diagram sheets, and a surprise ending, Bill's detective work makes a good read, in addition to providing modelers and Rockoligists with a lot of hard facts and photos. There's even a humorous sidebar from Pete Hedgpeth for your consideration.

Postcard Journeys by Bill Leistiko. Postcard collector Bill digs deep into his archive and shares a series of cards and two ads from 1909, back when Wall Street's Reid Moore gang ran the Rock and the Frisco. This is an era that we are struggling to uncover more information on, and these cards and advertisements offer some clues just how the two railroads might have interacted. Any info from that era that you can find us is welcome!

Classic Rock features 16-pages of diesel-era photos from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to El Reno, Oklahoma, with stops in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Yukon, Oklahoma.

Rock Island Modeler: Modeler extraordinaire, Joe Sindelar starts with one of Westerfield's stock car kit, and starts painting. Study the prototype photos we've uncovered and decide for yourself. His rendition looks so close to the real McCoy, that we suggest you examine his model photos while sitting next to your local stockyard to get the full effect!

Ready to Run Review by Robert Massey reviews Moloco's 50-foot RBL Insulated Boxcar in HO. Bob Massey sends off to Canada for one of Nick Molo's new “Ready to Run” boxcars; what a doozy! This Moloco model is one of the nicest plastic models we have ever seen. Nick is really raising the bar for high end ready to run models! Take a look for yourself.

Rocket Wreaks Havoc at Hallam by J. Pete Hedgpeth. Back in the sixties the two-sections of the Rocky Mountain Rocket were "married" in Limon, Colorado. Follow the train east with Pete Hedgpeth and see what happened at Hallam, Nebraska, on a hot July night. Lots of photos, and a rare look at a Conductor's Time Sheet by Pete, who explains what all the chicken scrawl meant. It's all there.

Last Days of the RMR by George Strombeck. Speaking of the RMR, they didn't all end up on the ground. RTR second time author George Strombeck rode the train from Moline to Denver back in the sixties. Catching one of the last westbounds, George offers his photographic journal and a firsthand account about the last days of a grand old train. By that time admittedly, not so grand, but a good trip anyway!

The Rock Island Modeler 2-page photo essay by David Vande Castelle. David dialed his "Wayback Machine" back to the sixties and sent us a photographic update of the storm sewer project alongside the Rock in Moline, Illinois. All it took was a digital camera and some help from RTR's Tanya Anderson.

Rocket RPO features four pages of letters from the faithful.

Price: 22.00 
Shipping included

Private Varnish, CG26 - 2015 Private Car Charter Guide
The annual Private Car Charter Guide provides the opportunity for readers to become acquainted with the wide selection of car types available for charter from various AAPRCO member owners and organizations throughout the country. In this age where travel is more of an endurance contest rather than a civilized conveyance to your destination there is an option that will make first class travel on an airline pale in comparison. That is travel in a private rail car. The 2015 Guide is your source for planning your trip to just about any location on the Amtrak System.

The American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to the preservation of this exceptional form of travel. Members offer a wide variety of cars and services for you to consider as you plan your trip. You will find some cars ideal for a small group of four to seven people. Other cars can accommodate many more and two or three cars can be chartered to run together. Meal and beverage service are normally tailored to meet your specific needs and desires.

Private cars can be found in most areas of the country and are listed by geographic location beginning in the Northeast and ending in the Southwest. Once you have chosen one or more private cars for your journey, you should contact the representative directly for that or those cars. If you are viewing this in the Charter Guide hard copy, the details can also be found on the AAPRCO web site ( where you will find additional information and links to members' web sites.

The cars listed in the Guide are Amtrak certified and can travel through out the country on the back of Amtrak trains. The Northeast Corridor has physical restrictions that give private cars limited access. The details can be discussed with the car representative.

There are many popular destinations that are ideal for a vacation. Some customers make it a point to travel by private rail car to and from business meetings in major cities and in some locations can be used as your hotel.

Travel by private car is truly an experience not to be missed. Start planning today! ~ Larry Milsow, President

Price: 10.00 
Shipping included

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